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How Much Does Skydiving Cost?


Start Skydiving Posted by: Start Skydiving 2 weeks ago

For many people, bucket lists are composed of several “maybe one day” ideas. Oftentimes, the barriers to checking off those items are time, resources, and good old-fashioned courage. Well, skydiving doesn’t take long and fortune favors the bold, so let’s look at the costs associated with skydiving. 

How much is a skydive exactly? There isn’t a black-and-white answer; it depends on several variables. It’s important to understand the financial aspects involved before you push the boundaries of your limits and take that leap into a world of sensory amazement. Let’s get into it!

How Much Does it Cost to Skydive?

For first-time skydivers, the cost typically ranges from $200 to $400 for a jump depending on many different factors. For starters, the dropzone you choose to jump from plays a significant role in determining the cost of your jump. Popular tourist destinations or metropolitan areas might have a slightly higher price range compared to more remote locations. Not to mention, dropzones with larger aircraft and higher altitudes often come with higher price tags, reflecting the increased fuel and operational costs.

The type of jump you choose can impact the cost of skydiving as well. Tandem jumps tend to be more affordable for beginners, whereas student skydivers can spend about 13 times the cost of a tandem to complete the 25 jumps needed to become an A-licensed skydiver certified by the United States Parachute Association (USPA).

Blonde female tandem student forming a heart with her hands as she freefalls on a tandem skydive at Start Skydiving

How Much Does Skydiving Cost in OH?

The cost of skydiving in Ohio is in line with prices elsewhere – it ranges from $209 to $400, depending on your jump choice. At Start Skydiving, we price our tandem jumps competitively and guarantee to offer way more than just a jump out of an airplane. We are extremely passionate about sharing and providing the transformational experience of skydiving to all who are able – in a way that is sure to leave a long-lasting impression. Here are the prices at Start Skydiving for tandems, discounts, group rates, media packages and add-ons:

Start Skydiving Tandem Jump Prices
Weekday Tandem$259.99
Weekend Tandem$279.99
High Altitude Tandem$399.99
Start Skydiving Discounts & Group Rates
Students & Teachers$20 Off Media Package
First Responders$30 Off Media Package
Military Members$40 Off Media Package
Groups of 3-5$10 Off Tandem Skydive
Groups of 6-10$20 Off Tandem Skydive
Groups of 11-14$20 Off Tandem Skydive + 10% Off Media Package
Groups of 15+$20 Off Tandem Skydive + 10% Off Media Package + Group Organizer Jumps FREE!
Start Skydiving Media Packages & Add-Ons
Hand Cam Video$99.99
Hand Cam Video + Photos$119.99
Rock Star Package
(hand cam & outside video/photos)
The Ultimate Package
(hand cam & outside video/photos + swag + $20 off co-pilot flight)

Why is Skydiving So Expensive?

We can understand the sticker shock at first glance, but when you consider everything that goes into the cost of skydiving, it’ll all start to make sense. Not only are you getting the experience of a lifetime, but you’ll be greeted with open arms at our family-owned and operated dropzone that boasts top-notch customer service, unique facilities, and a perfect reputation. Here’s a glimpse of what goes into the price of a tandem skydive:

  • Ticket to Ride

At a bare minimum, we must first consider the costs that go into a simple airplane flight. This includes fuel, airplane cost, airplane maintenance, and any other overhead costs like pilot and ground crew compensation. 

Psst! If the flight up is of interest to you – and you’re not wanting to jump out of a “perfectly good” airplane or you’re not quite 18 years old yet – we offer the opportunity to ride shotgun on the way up and down (rather than flying your way down)! A VIP co-pilot flight for participants 12 years and older is $69.99!

  • Skydiving Equipment

Skydiving gear is literally built to save lives which is why it can be so costly. A typical skydiving parachute system is equipped with a main parachute, a backup reserve parachute, a pilot chute, a reserve static line (RSL), and an automatic activation device (AAD) all packed within a durable container. The gear is meticulously packed and maintained by certified professional parachute riggers who know the ins and outs of skydiving equipment.

  • Professional Instruction

Regardless of the stereotype, skydiving instructors are not crazed adrenaline junkies looking to live life on the edge. They are dedicated professionals who take their passion for skydiving and safety VERY seriously. To become a USPA-certified tandem instructor (like those on our team), a skydiver must have at least three years of experience, a minimum of 500 jumps, pass several exams, achieve a USPA D license (the highest level of licensure possible), and go through rigorous training. All skydivers at Start Skydiving receive professional training and instruction from our diligent and passionate instructors before, during, and after their jump.

  • Freefall

Altitude matters when it comes to the freefall portion of skydiving. Altitude is set by the dropzone and is determined by aircraft type, cloud cover, and FAA restrictions. Here at Start Skydiving, we offer jumps at 14,000 feet with an option to go all the way up to 17,000 feet!

  • Parachute Ride

The parachute jump cost must include a parachute ride, right? How else do you make it back down to the ground as safely as possible!? The parachute ride is a whole different experience from the adventure of skydiving. Your instructor will steer the canopy for a five-minute scenic ride back down to the dropzone – and if the opportunity presents itself, you might even get a chance to take the toggles!

  • Optional Add-Ons

If you want to make your skydive even more memorable, you may want to add a photo and video package to capture footage of your epic experience from start to finish. It may be tough to fork over more dough after paying for a tandem skydive but, trust and believe, it’s money well spent!

Brunette female tandem student posing with her tandem instructor and videographer after landing

Is Skydiving Worth the Money?

Skydiving isn’t just about the jump, the thrill, or even the ever-so-popular adrenaline rush – it’s about empowerment, pushing past your boundaries, discovering your true strength, and appreciating the beauty of life. Settling for nothing but the absolute best is what sets your skydive apart from mediocre and really gives you the full effect of what you’re about to experience. We understand the impact that jumping from an airplane can have on people – just look at us – it’s changed all of our lives forever in such a powerful way! 

Not only is skydiving worth the money, but it’s worth the challenge – conquering your fears and altering your life for the better is simply priceless. Grab your wallet and run (don’t walk!) to book your skydiving adventure with Start Skydiving today! Blue skies.