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Beyond the Price Tag: Why the Cheapest Skydiving Isn’t Always the Safest Option


Start Skydiving Posted by: Start Skydiving 6 months ago

There’s no such thing as “safe skydiving” – it’s an inherently high-risk activity, after all – but we can absolutely prioritize safety in skydiving. Not surprisingly, making safety front and center in an environment that involves aircraft, speciality equipment, and highly-credentialed people is a costly endeavor … which is why choosing the cheapest option for skydiving is not necessarily the best or safest decision. 

Just like you wouldn’t want to choose the cheapest medical care option for heart surgery, you shouldn’t skimp on skydiving either – both require a great deal of trust, extensive training, proven expertise, and the highest degree of quality in order to ensure a successful experience with safety in mind at all times. Here are our reasons why skydiving safety should be your top criteria, not skydiving price.

Tandem instructor leads his student to the airplane by holding on to his harness.

Understand the True Cost of Safety in Skydiving

For skydiving to be a fun and exciting adventure, a culture of safety is non-negotiable. The cost of ensuring a fun and successful jump involves many factors that we simply cannot compromise on. From top-notch equipment and well-maintained aircraft to highly-rated and experienced instructors, each facet of the business contributes to the overall safety of a professional skydiving operation. Here are all of the factors that contribute to the costs associated with skydiving:

Male tandem skydiving student and instructor walk toward the airplane.

1. The High Cost of Cutting-Edge Equipment

Quality equipment is the backbone of skydiving safety. State-of-the-art parachute systems, harnesses, and other safety gear are essential in a successful skydiving experience. At Start Skydiving, we ensure that all of our safety equipment meets the highest industry standards. If we doubt the viability of any of our equipment, we don’t jump it.

The expenses involved in acquiring and maintaining this life-saving equipment are significant. Routine inspections and wear and tear repairs are performed by FAA-certified parachute riggers who ensure all gear is up-to-date. This means that there are ongoing costs to keeping each parachute system and its container in optimal condition. 

Additionally, the back-up reserve parachutes must be inspected and repacked for each skydiving rig every 180 days by FAA-certified parachute riggers to ensure proper operation in case of an emergency. Investing in modern, reliable gear is necessary for prioritizing the safety of our jumpers. It costs a pretty penny, but we are willing to pay for it. Period.

Start Skydiving's Cessna 208 Grand Caravan and Cessna 208B parked in the large, spacious grass landing area at Start Skydiving

2. Aircraft: The Lifeline of Skydiving

Flying well-maintained, modern aircraft – like our Cessna Grand Caravans – is absolutely crucial for a safe flight. The Grand Caravan is one of the most reliable airplanes in the skydiving biz and boasts a spacious cabin for extra comfort (and room for more friends) while you make your ascent towards the clouds.

As you may imagine, aircraft are expensive to purchase and maintain. Operational costs include frequent airworthiness inspections, thorough examinations, preventative maintenance, and performance test flights. All expensive but necessary line items to ensure optimal performance and overall safety of each flight. 
Each airplane part and inspection performed must comply with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and any other authority’s procedures and the manufacturer’s current instructions and standards. Start Skydiving’s choice of the Grand Caravan reflects our commitment to safety, reliability, and the comfort and trust of our jumpers.

3. The Value of Expert Instructors

Our instructors are the heart and soul of our dropzone. They bring passion, knowledge, professionalism, and comfort to our guests. Becoming a certified skydiving instructor is not an easy feat, it requires rigorous training and experience. This is why providing fair compensation is crucial to attracting and retaining the best talent, a shared value in safety, and quality of instruction. By paying instructors a livable wage, Start Skydiving invests in the expertise necessary for an enjoyable experience while keeping safety at the forefront of our minds.

Two men and a woman enjoy swinging along the brightly colored indoor ropes course at Start Skydiving

4. The Role of Facilities in Skydiving Safety

When you come to Start Skydiving, you’ll instantly notice the great care that goes into our fantastic facilities. Our well-maintained hangars, training areas, and equipment storage showcases our commitment to providing the best experience for our guests. We are recognized for having some of the nicest facilities in the country – once you step foot in our home, you’ll see why. Prepare to be wowed!

At Start Skydiving, we pride ourselves on making everyone feel welcomed into our family. We provide comfortable waiting areas for our guests, an on-site high ropes course and climbing wall for friends and family to enjoy as they cheer you on from the ground, and entertainment for all. 

Our landing area and green spaces are meticulously maintained to give our first-timers, students, and licensed skydivers a cushy landing experience free of potentially harmful debris.

The Reality of Budget Skydiving Centers

Budget skydiving centers may be an attractive option for those wanting to stay frugal, however, this may indicate the prevalence of outdated equipment and aircraft – posing risks to jumpers and spectators. Plus, a cheaper option may not be as it appears; read the fine print for hidden costs and fees. You don’t want to start what should be one of the most best days of your life with surprises that lead to a less than satisfactory experience, or worse, a less safe experience. Safety should never be compromised, especially when it comes to engaging in an act as serious as skydiving.

Brunette female tandem student posing with her tandem instructor and videographer after landing

Start Skydiving: A Model of Professionalism and Safety

Start Skydiving’s commitment to safety, professionalism, and customer service is above and beyond industry expectations. Our dropzone is family-owned and operated, and we treat it as our home – so you can expect to witness the diligent care into treating our guests and facilities accordingly. Choosing a reputable dropzone like ours ensures that abundant care will be poured into your experience every step of the way.

While saving money is no-doubt an attractive option for most, the potential risks associated with choosing the cheapest skydiving experience are simply not worth the gamble. Safety and quality should always be the top priority for anyone considering jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Invest in your safety, for it is the most priceless part of any skydiving journey – you deserve it!

Ready for an epic adventure at one of the best dropzones in the country? Book your skydive with Start Skydiving, today! Blue skies.