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What Makes A Great Skydiving Experience?


Start Skydiving Posted by: Start Skydiving 5 months ago

Skydiving is not merely about the jump and landing; it is an extraordinary adventure that encompasses a multitude of elements – ensuring a truly exceptional experience.

The magic of skydiving all falls on the skydiving center you choose to make your jump with. Don’t just settle for the cheapest option; prioritize safety first and foremost while also considering the presence of skydiving passion pulsing through the heart of the dropzone. The importance of factors such as professionalism, top-notch aircraft, and welcoming facilities cannot be overlooked when it comes to creating a successful and enjoyable skydiving journey.

Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to make a great skydiving experience for any kind of jumper, whether you are a first-timer, a student, or an avid skydiver.

1. A Highly Professional and Passionate Team

Central to every great skydive is the presence of a passionate team whose goal is to give you the best experience possible. At Start Skydiving, our certified instructors go beyond just guiding our guests; we set the stage for a memorable and life-changing jump into the skies of limitless possibilities. 

Our instructors’ commitment to safety and customer service is unmatched, which fosters an environment where jumpers (you!) feel not only excited about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane but also comfortable, confident, and empowered about the adventure ahead. You can fully embrace the thrill of skydiving with the peace of mind that you’re in great hands.

The personal touch provided by our instructors is what sets us apart from the rest. Their passion for our sport enhances the overall experience, creating connection and strengthening trust. Each jump is a meaningful and transformative journey because you’re guided by someone who genuinely loves what they do and sincerely cares about you.

2. A Specific Focus on Safety 

Safety starts at the aircraft and skydiving equipment used for jumping. After all, there’s no skydiving without either one! At Start Skydiving, doubts are don’ts – meaning if we doubt the viability of any of our gear and equipment, we don’t jump it. Period.

We treat our Cessna Caravans like precious gems. Each aircraft is meticulously maintained by onsite rated mechanics who diligently inspect and attend to each aircraft to ensure it is ready for flight.

All of our skydiving gear is inspected and maintained by FAA-certified parachute riggers to ensure each line and piece of fabric is in pristine condition for jumpers to rely on. Our hard-working parachute packers are dedicated to ensuring each pack job is packed with precision and care. 

Every member of our team – on the ground and in the sky – considers the safety of all individuals involved with every decision that is made at the dropzone. Each of our highly-trained instructors is diligent in practicing learned emergency procedures so that they will respond calmly and appropriately should there be a situation in the air. 

Not only do we follow strict guidelines laid out by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), we also hold ourselves accountable by keeping our mission and values at the top of our minds at all times.

Brunette female tandem student posing with her tandem instructor and videographer after landing

3. An Impressive Fleet of Aircraft & Altitude

The choice of aircraft plays a pivotal role in making a skydiving experience extra special. Our carefully kept fleet of Cessna Caravans offer spacious cabins, quick climbs to altitude, and security. They not only provide a smooth ascend, they also provide the capability to achieve higher altitudes than normal. 

When it comes to altitude, size matters, and at Start Skydiving we typically jump around 14,000 feet – that’s higher than most dropzones! We even offer the option to jump from an even higher altitude of 17,000 feet on specific days (usually the third weekend of each month). Higher altitudes means more freefall time which means more thrill! Woohoo!

4. A Welcoming Atmosphere with Comfortable Facilities

A great skydiving experience begins well before the actual jump, and Start Skydiving understands the importance of comfortable facilities. Our dropzone offers a welcoming environment and well-equipped amenities to accommodate special events or to help ease pre-jump jitters, making waiting for your turn an enjoyable part of the experience.

From comfortable seating areas to fantastic facilities that cater to the needs of both fun jumpers and first-timers, we ensure every aspect of the journey is enjoyable. Skydivers have access to spacious training spaces where skydivers can brief their jumps and first-timers can expect to receive comprehensive pre-jump training to help them prepare mentally and physically. 

The dropzone’s inclusive and community-focused environment extends to the spectator areas where friends and family will be allowed to participate in the excitement and share the joy of the jump. With our well-manicured green spaces, picnic tables, nearby park, and on-site high ropes course and climbing wall – our dropzone is much more than a place for airplanes to take off and land.

Two men and a woman enjoy swinging along the brightly colored indoor ropes course at Start Skydiving

5. A Remarkable Reputation

Each dropzone has a story of how they came about and what they represent. At Start Skydiving, we are a family-owned and operated business. We pride ourselves on providing the very best experience.

Customer service is our top priority here at Start Skydiving and it shows in our more than 5,000 awesome reviews on Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook! This knack of providing superior customer service combined with our stellar aircraft and fantastic amenities is what has earned us the 2022 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award and title of #1 Dropzone in the World on

6. A Harmonious Blend for the Ultimate Experience

At Start Skydiving, we are steadfast in our commitments to professionalism, customer service, our culture of safety, and our pursuit of fun in order to provide a skydiving experience of the highest caliber. We’re proud of what we’ve created, and we will continue to nurture our unique blend of excellence.

In the world of skydiving, Start Skydiving stands out because what we offer goes way beyond the ordinary. A good skydiving experience involves jumping out of an airplane, but a great skydiving experience involves first-class facilities, best of the best equipment, meticulously-maintained aircraft, and people who pour love and passion into everything they do.

If you’re ready for a phenomenal skydiving experience, choose Start Skydiving and book your jump today! Blue skies!