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What First-Time Skydivers Often Overlook: Important Reminders Before Your Jump


Start Skydiving Posted by: Start Skydiving 6 months ago

Skydiving offers an adrenaline rush yet a sense of peace and freedom that is simply unmatched. However, the excitement leading up to the jump can sometimes overshadow the crucial details that first-timers need to know for their first skydive. To ensure you make the most of your life-altering experience, we’ve compiled a list of important reminders that many new jumpers tend to overlook before taking their big leap into the skies of Start Skydiving!

1. Reduce Unnecessary Stressors

It’s no surprise to us that skydiving can be a nerve-wracking situation for many first-time jumpers. Which is why we suggest doing things to minimize any additional external stressors as you prepare for your skydive

One example would be to plan to arrive at the dropzone early enough to give you some leeway in the case of an unexpected travel issue or to give you extra time to chilllll. Your reservation time is your check-in time; anyone who is 15+ minutes late will result in a per-person late fee. This is only to help you get the most out of your experience! We want our customers to feel relaxed and ready for their skydive. Rushing to get to the dropzone at the last minute can leave you feeling stressed out and panicky, impeding your ability to take in information and relax enough to enjoy your overall experience. 

Start your day with ample time to spare, allowing you to arrive at the dropzone in a good headspace and ready to embark on your adventure.

2. Be Flexible

Patience is a virtue, especially in the world of skydiving. Many factors, primarily weather conditions and operations, can affect the exact time that you board the airplane. While it is natural to be eager to jump immediately after check-in, it’s essential to have a flexible mindset. We usually advise our customers to plan to be here for half of the day just in case the clouds roll in. Avoid planning significant events immediately after your skydive, as unforeseen delays might occur. Embrace the unpredictability and you’ll find your experience much more enjoyable!

3. The Magnitude of Photos and Video

Skydiving is not just another adventure, it is quite possibly one of the most impactful experiences of your life. While there is an additional cost associated with adding photos and videos to your skydive, it is well worth it. The ability to relive your jump is an investment in memories that will last a lifetime.

4. Bring a Hair Tie (or Beard Tie)

Speaking of photos and videos, looking good in your skydiving photos is crucial, and wind-blown hair or an unruly beard can be a bit distracting – not only for the viewer but for the instructor as well! Ensure you look and feel your best by pulling back or braiding your hair (or beard) to keep everything in place during your 120 mph freefall. Trust us, you do NOT want to deal with untangling those knots after landing.

5. Celebrate After the Jump, Not Before

Nervousness is natural for first-time skydivers, but attempting to calm your nerves with drugs or alcohol is a big no-no! Skydiving has very strict policies regarding alcohol consumption before a jump. If alcohol is detected, you will not be permitted to skydive. However, that doesn’t stop you from celebrating after your jump! Check out these local bars.

6. Bring Cash or Venmo

While tipping isn’t expected, it is a thoughtful gesture to show your tandem team some love! If you feel that the instructor did an exceptionally good job at saving your life, a small gratuity is always appreciated. Be prepared to express your gratitude with cash, Venmo, or whichever they prefer for a job well done!

7. Leave the Bling

As tempting as it may be to accessorize for your skydive, leave the precious jewels at home. Anything that comes loose during freefall is likely gone for good! Opt for simplicity to avoid any regrets later.

8. Stylish, but Comfy

Choosing the right attire for skydiving is crucial for both style and comfort during your jump. We usually recommend wearing form-fitted, athletic clothing that keeps you covered and athletic shoes that are secure to your feet. Avoid boots, heels, sandals and any clothing that has snag hazards like tassels, zippers, and rhinestones. Comfort is key when it comes to enjoying your first skydiving experience.

9. Eat a Balanced Meal and Stay Hydrated

Maintaining your well-being is essential for a successful jump. Eating a light meal before arriving and staying hydrated, especially during the summer months, are key to a successful skydive. The adrenaline rush can be a lot for your body to handle, so you’ll want to be sure to fuel your body for the flight! Feel free to bring snacks and drinks with you; there are plenty of restaurants and grocery stores near Start Skydiving.

10. Earlier is Better!

If you’re wanting to increase your chances of a smooth jump, keep in mind that the earlier in the day, the better. Starting your adventure early allows for optimal atmospheric conditions and reduces the risk of weather-related delays or cancellations.

Bonus Tip: What to Bring

Beyond your valid, government-issued photo ID and form of payment required for your skydive, we urge you to consider enjoying the vibrant atmosphere at Start Skydiving and making a day of it! Your skydiving adventure is not just about the jump, it’s an experience meant to be shared and celebrated with your closest friends and family. With picnic tables, two paved patios and manicured green spaces, there is plenty of room for activities for you and your family to enjoy. Here’s a quick checklist of recommended items to bring:

  • Camera: Capture the before and after or record licensed skydivers land their parachutes.
  • Sunglasses
  • Binoculars: Get a close-up view of the action.
  • Stereo: Clean lyrics and moderate volume, please!
  • Picnic Blanket/Basket: Pack snacks to share with friends and family.
  • Water and Non-Alcoholic Drinks
  • Games: Keep the fam entertained with a frisbee, soccer ball, or basketball at our on-site basketball hoop.

A successful skydiving experience goes beyond the jump itself. By heeding these important reminders, you’ll set the stage for an unforgettable adventure through the skies. Come prepared, keep an open mind, be patient, and most importantly, savor every single moment of the breathtaking journey that awaits you.

Now that you’re ready, book your skydive with the premiere destination for skydiving in Ohio, Start Skydiving! Blue skies, friends.