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Tandem Skydiving: How to Prepare

Tandem Skydiving

Start Skydiving Posted by: Start Skydiving 5 months ago

So, you’ve decided to jump out of an airplane. Now what?! The decision to go skydiving for the first time is a big one, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. That means knowing how to prepare yourself for skydiving might feel a bit overwhelming. How can you prep for something when you have no idea what to expect?

Skydiving preparation can actually be broken down into a few, easy-to-digest categories – and how to mentally prepare for skydiving is one of the most important ones. Sure, skydiving is a physical activity with very real effects on your body, but your mind is the biggest barrier to consider. After that, everything else is easy peasy! 

From what to do (and not to do) the night before your jump to what to bring with you to the dropzone, knowing how to prepare for skydiving comes down to understanding what jump day will look like. In this short guide, we’ll give you a rundown of how to prepare to skydive so you’ll feel confident and empowered before you even get to the dropzone! 

Mental Preparation

Your brain is the epicenter of all of your emotions, including the ones you’ll feel while skydiving. Happiness, excitement, confidence, and fear (especially fear). Fear can have a significant effect on the brain and body, and can be difficult to overcome. That’s why knowing how to deal with fear before jump day will make the whole process a lot more fun. 

So, how do we quiet that little voice in our head reminding us to be afraid? Eliminate the unknown! The internet is an endless resource of information and media. Spend some time online watching videos and reading up on other people’s skydiving experiences. Just think about how much better you’ll feel after getting a step-by-step glimpse of the process! 

It can also be helpful to read reviews. First-hand accounts can go a long way in making you more comfortable with what you’re about to do. And hearing what others have to say about the dropzone you’re trusting with your first skydive will give you a sense of the level of service you can expect on this most important of days!

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with what’s to come, it’s time to dig into that brain a little bit. Give yourself the gift of mediation. Meet the moment as a friend … reflect on what you’ve seen and heard and imagine leaving an airplane mid-flight. Visualize yourself skydiving and having the time of your life. Set the expectation that the jump will be amazing, and it will be! 

Practice Makes Perfect!

Alright, so you’ve got your mind right. How about your body? Skydiving will put you in all sorts of different positions, and maybe even some you’ve never been in. Crouching, crawling, scooting, and arching are all regular occurrences when jumping from an airplane. Stretch your muscles and loosen up those joints. 

The most important position you’ll find yourself in during your skydive is called the arch position. Your instructor will go over this with you in detail, but you can get a little practice in ahead of time. There’s nothing wrong with being a teacher’s pet with something like jumping out of an airplane! 

When you’re in your arch, you’re going to look a little bit like a banana. You’ll be falling through the sky on your belly, and your hips will be the lowest point on your body. Your arms and legs will be pulled up and out so that they are a little bit higher than your hips. 

Try this at home before you come to the dropzone. Lay on the ground on your belly and push your hips down. At the same time, lift your shoulders and thighs off the ground so that your hips are the only part making contact with the floor. You’re doing it! See? We told you it would be easy! 

Self Care

There are a few best practices to consider in order to make your jump day straight-up epic. 

Eat a normal meal before you come to the dropzone. Nerves might make it difficult, but you’ll be happy you ate in the long run. No one’s ever performed their best on an empty stomach. 

Drink plenty of water, too. Dehydration is the mega-enemy of good times. Not having enough water on board will encourage dizziness and a feeling of instability. Drink up!

Even the night before is important. Don’t go out partying and drinking, as much as you might want to celebrate this incredible milestone or lock in some liquid courage. Save the festivities for after you’ve landed. Being well-rested (and not hungover) will make your jump so much more enjoyable. 

What to Bring

Now that you’ve done all of this mental and physical work, the last thing to consider is what to bring on the day of your jump. First and foremost, don’t forget your valid, government-issued photo ID! You must provide proof that you are at least 18 years of age. No ID, no jump – no kidding! 

Snacks and water are also a must for a day at the dropzone. You want to stay fed and hydrated before your jump so that you can perform as well as you prepared. The adrenaline that comes with jumping out of an airplane puts your body and brain through a lot. Make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.

And don’t forget to bring your questions! Your instructor is there to teach you what you need to know, and to help you feel comfortable and ready for awesomeness. Instructors love curious students! It means you’re as excited about skydiving as we are. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before, during (although, not during freefall!), and after your skydive – there are no stupid questions. This is your day.

Feeling prepared? Cool. Ready? Set. Let’s GO!!!! Book your first jump today and show us what you’re made of! Blue skies.