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Are Skydiving Videos Worth It?


Start Skydiving Posted by: Start Skydiving 8 months ago

YES! Skydiving pictures and videos are 110% worth it. They capture the entire essence of a skydive from the nerves before your jump to the moment of pure euphoria following your jump. Skydiving videos capture the moments you won’t want to forget and allow you to relive all the feels you experienced while accomplishing your dreams. Plus, how else are you supposed to prove it happened!?

Why Is Skydiving Video Worth It?

1. Capture Unforgettable Moments

One of the biggest regrets we hear from first time skydivers is that they didn’t go for the skydiving video. Your first time skydiving is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you definitely won’t want to forget. But with all of the new sights, sounds, and sensations going on, your mind tends to go into sensory overload and could cause you to potentially forget a lot about what happened on your first jump. This is why we strongly encourage everyone to purchase skydiving videos and photos, especially for your first time skydiving.

2. Share the Adventure

Skydiving videos not only serve as personal mementos but also grant you the opportunity to share your experience with others. And let’s be real, nothing says “I did it!” quite like a literal video of you skydiving! Skydiving videos offer a glimpse into your skydiving experience that just cannot be expressed through words. As you and your friends/family watch the video back, you can even see the transformation from nervousness into pure joy right before your eyes. And in the age of social media, our digital videos/photos make sharing a breeze (pun intended). The happiness that’s witnessed in your skydiving video will be so undeniable that it might even inspire others to go for it, too!

3. Relive the Memories

For anyone who has been skydiving, they’ll say it tends to become more than just a one-time adventure; it becomes a life-altering experience etched in your memories forever. Skydiving videos play a crucial role in allowing participants to relive the thrill and excitement of their skydive again and again. Skydiving videos become cherished keepsakes that have the power to teleport you back to that moment of adrenaline, freedom, and pure ecstasy. You’ll find yourself watching your skydiving videos for years to come and reminding yourself of the bravery and accomplishment you experienced that day. Just imagine being able to revisit the day you took a leap of faith, with the wind rushing past your face and the beautiful world beneath you in a stunning panorama. Maybe it’ll even inspire you to jump again!

4. Professional Aerial Photographers

Due to the Basic Safety Regulations (BSRs) mandated by the United States Parachute Association (USPA), tandem students and anyone with less than 200 skydives are not permitted to bring any type of camera on a skydive. This is due to the heightened risk and complications that may occur on a skydive as a result of having a camera. Inexperienced skydivers jumping with a camera impose a risk to not only themselves but to their instructors as well. To be honest, controlling a camera in 120 mph winds ain’t an easy task. Which is why we only hire professional aerial photographers who are well-trained in the use of camera equipment specifically in the sky in order to capture your experience with high-quality video footage and picture perfect photos. 

Video & Photo Packages at Start Skydiving

Tandem skydiving videos come in a couple different forms, so let’s dive into the video and photo packages we have available here at Start Skydiving.

  • Hand Cam Video ($99.99):

Selfie-style video where the tandem instructor wears a mini HD action sports video camera (like a GoPro) on their wrist to document every angle of your skydiving experience. The Ham Cam video does NOT include photos, however, you can add photos for an additional $20.

  • The Rock Star Package ($199.99):

The Rock Star Package will not only equip your tandem instructor with a handcam to capture selfie-style footage of your jump, you will also be accompanied by a professional aerial photographer whose job is to capture video AND about 300 high-quality digital still photos of your skydive from start to finish. This gives you the full view of an up close perspective and a third-person, outsider’s perspective. Having both a handcam and outside video will ensure that the entire experience is captured – the pre-jump interview, riding up to altitude, exit, freefall, deploying the parachute, underneath the canopy, and landing! As a bonus, having an extra person in front of you while on your skydive gives you almost the same feeling of a licensed skydiver jumping with a friend. The videographer will interact with you the whole way to give you a sense of comfort, encouragement and all the high-fives!

  • The Ultimate Package ($279.99):

The Ultimate Package is the same as the Rock Star Package except it includes even more add-ons than you ever thought possible! With the Ultimate Package you’ll also receive a one-of-a-kind Start Skydiving Swag Kit and a $20 off coupon for an observation ride in the co-pilot seat. Yup, if someone you know is unsure about skydiving or too young (under 18) to jump, they can hitch a ride in the co-pilot seat of any of our aircraft. The minimum age to ride as co-pilot is 12 years old. Slots are not booked in advance as there is only one seat for observers – simply ask one of our team members upon arrival and we will do our best to accommodate!

*Please note that each video package is per individual and will only include video of one student’s jump.

How do I Get My Skydiving Videos and Photos?

An email containing a link to your media will be sent within 1-48 hours after your jump. Photos are sent digitally.
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