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Skydiving Seasons in Ohio: When is the Best Time to Jump?


Start Skydiving Posted by: Start Skydiving 8 months ago

Making the decision to go skydiving for the first time is a big deal! There’s so much excitement that comes with learning about tandem skydiving and, of course, there’s anxiety that comes with it, too. Add figuring out the best time to go skydiving to that matrix, and you can feel kind of overwhelmed. 

There are actually some pretty clear distinctions that will help you decide the best time of year to skydive, and the good news is that it includes personal preference! Skydiving season actually encompasses a lot more of the year than most people realize. And while there are certain factors that make some parts of the year better than others, the best time to skydive comes down to a few key considerations. 

So what is the best time of year to go skydiving? How about the best time of day to go skydiving? Read on for a breakdown of seasons, months, and even times of day that are great for jumping out of airplanes. 

Weather Factors for Skydiving

Being an outdoor sport, skydiving is heavily impacted by the weather. And each season has weather that is typical for that time of year. That means that depending on the time of year, there are different considerations for planning jumps. 

In general, a good day for skydiving has moderate temperatures, clear skies, and calm winds. There’s a little wiggle room for what’s acceptable, but these are the criteria for the most enjoyable and safest conditions

At Start Skydiving, we suspend jump operations in the event of:

  • Strong steady winds or gusts
  • Low clouds and fog
  • Rain
  • Lightning, thunder; storms
  • Temperature below 40°F at ground level
  • Wind chill factor below -30°F at altitude 

Seasons for Skydiving in Ohio

One of the wonderful things about being located in Ohio is that we get to experience all four seasons. Whether you’re someone who likes the crisp, peaceful cold of winter, a bright, hot summer, or anything in between, Ohio has a season for you. 

And the same goes for skydiving. Each season has something beautiful to offer that makes for a unique and memorable skydiving experience. So, is it better to skydive in the summer or winter, or in the in-between months? Let’s look at each season from a skydiving perspective.

  • Spring
    Ah, fresh starts and the promise of more forgiving weather. Spring brings the beauty of budding vegetation and moderate temperatures. Spring is a great time to jump out of an airplane because of the tolerable temps. And what better way to celebrate a new beginning than by jumping out of an airplane? Just be mindful of the unpredictable weather this time of year brings.
  • Summer
    The blue skies, the heat, and the energy that gorgeous weather brings. When summer is in full swing, anything feels possible. We really value our hot summer months here in the North after long stretches of cold and unpredictable weather. The sun brings as many smiles as skydives and everyone is ready to have a good time. Summer is usually considered peak skydiving season for these reasons, just be prepared to get a little sweaty!
  • Fall
    You want to see breathtaking views? Fall in the northern part of the country is arguably the most visually beautiful season. Seeing all those changing colors laid out for miles below you is a sight you won’t soon forget. The autumn months leave plenty of time to squeeze in a jump before the weather turns. You might just need an extra layer or two to protect against the bite of the crisp fall air.
  • Winter
    It takes guts to jump in the winter time in Ohio! Some of us do it, but it’s more out of desperation than casual enjoyment. Winter here is cold. And it’s even colder at altitude. We don’t do tandem jumps during the winter because the elements are harsh enough to detract from the skydiving experience. But some experienced skydivers are crazy enough to brave the cold for that adrenaline fix

When Is Start Skydiving Open?

At Start Skydiving, we jump year round – although, some times of the year are restricted to licensed skydivers. We’re always closed on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Here’s our operations calendar – check our Tandem Skydive FAQs for hours and more detailed information.

  • March
    Saturday and Sunday only
  • April
    Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • May to September – Skydiving Season!
    Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
    No jumping Tuesday and Wednesday
  • October
    Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • November
    Saturday & Sunday
  • Mid-November to Mid-March – Licensed Skydivers Only!
    Saturday & Sunday

Best Time of Year 

So, what is the best month to go skydiving? We have 12 to choose from and each one offers something special. Just like everyone has their own favorite season, skydivers all prefer a different time of year for skydiving. 

Some love the anticipation and excitement of spring. Others love the grind and opportunity of the summer. And, of course, there are those who love the beauty of the fall. We have yet to meet a skydiver who prefers winter jumping, but chances are there’s at least one out there! 

In short, it all depends on who you ask. And at the end of the day, it’s up to you! Each month is exciting in its own way. (Just maybe think twice about the winter months!)

Pro tip: Get a video package to capture the stunning views that come with whatever time of year you choose!

Best Time of Day for Skydiving in Ohio

If we want to get real specific, we can even break timing down into smaller increments. So you’ve chosen the time of year, maybe even the month that you would like to jump out of an airplane. You’ve picked a day to go, but what hour is best for skydiving?

You might think that this is splitting hairs, but the time of day actually does matter. Earlier in the day tends to have milder weather and calmer winds, which is perfect weather for skydiving. Storms, wind, and other inclement weather usually rolls in as the day goes on. Which means that jumps scheduled earlier in the day are more likely to happen if the weather forecast turns out to be questionable. 

Of course, as with the time of year, your personal preference matters. If you’re not a morning person and absolutely hate getting out of bed before 10am, it might not be worth it if it’s going to ruin your experience. You can always reschedule your jump if the weather rains on your parade (no pun intended) and try again another day! 
Are you ready to experience all that the sky has to offer! Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, book your tandem jump with us today! Blue skies!