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The Science Behind The Rush: Why Skydiving Is The Ultimate Adrenaline Boost


Start Skydiving Posted by: Start Skydiving 8 months ago

If skydiving is as exhilarating as they say it is, how come people can do it multiple times per day? How can the body have so much get-up-and-go after all that adrenaline loss? Are skydivers magical creatures with an unlimited supply of adrenaline? We’re not scientists or psychologists, but we are skydivers, which pretty much makes us experts on adrenaline!  

What Is Adrenaline? 

Adrenaline is a hormone and a neurotransmitter that is released in instances of stress or excitement.   

  • Hormone: A chemical produced by a gland or tissue (in this case, the adrenal gland) that travels through the bloodstream to different cells and organs to make sure everything stays in check.
  • Neurotransmitter: A chemical that transmits messages to the brain and other parts of the body. Neurotransmitters basically allow different parts of our bodies to communicate with one another. 

Adrenaline’s key role is to prepare the body to react fast and with efficiency. It does this by increasing the heart rate, dilating the pupils, improving alertness, heightening overall awareness, and redirecting your blood flow away from non-essential areas.

Adrenaline is key when skydiving. It puts us in a heightened state, allowing us to take in a lot of information at once and effectively put all of our training to use in order to operate with safety first.

Why Does Skydiving Boost Adrenaline? 

Jumping from an airplane is an activity that our brain perceives as being dangerous, and the body reacts accordingly, triggering our primal “fight or flight” response. Because the danger is perceived and not really real, choosing to consciously override our reflex to crawl as far away from the open airplane door as possible feels great.  

This intentional act of flirting with danger is common among all extreme sports – that’s why they’re “extreme” – and that’s exactly what makes them so stimulating, exciting, and fun. SCUBA, ice climbing, cliff diving … the list of extreme sports is long and varied, each activity with its own set of inherent risks that we love to push and test.  

The physical effects of a hefty increase in adrenaline are most definitely noticeable. And, thanks to our brains also generously releasing the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, there are emotional after-effects that stick with us afterwards. 

What Do Dopamine and Serotonin Do?

Serotonin brings about better focus, better quality sleep, and a general sense of happiness. Dopamine is the brain’s reward chemical; it gives you that Cloud 9 feeling as a reward for doing things your body likes. The chemical cocktail that is serotonin and dopamine is powerful, indeed. Pop that mix in after a heaping helping of adrenaline and you end up with a mega sense of accomplishment and empowerment. You’ve cheated death! You’re on top of the world! 

The positive connotation between the stimulus and response is locked in … and so, we repack our parachute and head on up for more! Said simply, adrenaline tells your brain DON’T DO IT!!! And then that good-good serotonin and dopamine combo kicks in and your brain says, LET’S DO IT AGAIN!!!

How Can You Skydive Multiple Times Per Day? 

We can complete several skydives a day because our bodies are AWESOME. But really, does there come a point when our adrenaline will run out? Nope. 

Avid skydivers have somewhat of a desensitization to adrenaline. It’s still present, of course, but it’s not as easily triggered. You won’t have to worry about the threat of adrenal fatigue if you take up skydiving as a hobby. That adrenaline + serotonin + dopamine will keep you limber and hungry for more, more, more!

Will Skydiving Make Me Anxious? 

Skydiving for the first time is stress-inducing! But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are two types of stress: unhealthy and healthy. Unhealthy stress can be debilitating; healthy stress can be motivating. Challenge yourself to see your fear as a catalyst for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, embracing the adrenaline rush, and jumping head first into that big bath of happy chemicals waiting for you when you land.

And if that’s a big ask in the face of big fear, lean on your tandem instructor for support. They’re seasoned professionals who’ve seen it all and are ready to take on any situation. Let them know what you’re feeling and they can help you breathe through it, giving you the reassurance you need to kick your fear right out the airplane door! 

Ready for the ultimate adrenaline boost? Book your skydive with us – we can’t wait to give you the most thrilling and rewarding ride of your life! Blue skies.