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Skydiving Price Comparison

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The Lowest Skydiving Prices Around!

Start Skydiving has larger and faster aircraft, state of the art equipment, sixty professional instructors, and better pricing! Why go anywhere else?

  • Why jump from a plane that can only hold four passengers (two tandems), when you can jump from our aircraft that can hold over 20 jumpers?
  • Why spend 30 minutes cramped in a small, loud piston plane, when you can spend 15 minutes in one of our large, fast turbine-engine aircraft?
  • Why jump from 9,000 feet, when you can jump from as high as 14,000 feet MSL?
  • Why pay more and get less, when you can pay less and get so much more?!

Price isn't everything, especially when it comes to your safety.  Here at Start Skydiving, we make sure our facilities and equipment are extremely well maintained and our professional staff are all dedicated to not only making your skydiving experience memorable, but more importantly, safe. In fact, take a look at what our customers have to say about us on Google reviews!   Even with a better experience and better equipment and facilities, our pricing is still better than anyone else in the region!  Take a look at the chart below to compare other skydiving facilities in the area, and we know you'll make the choice to take the leap with us at Start Skydiving in Middletown, Ohio.

Skydiving Center Comparison Chart

Start Skydiving in Middletown, Ohio Skydive Greene County in Xenia, Ohio Skydive Cincinnati in Waynesville, Warren County, Ohio AerOhio Skydiving Center in Rittman, Wayne County, Ohio Skydive Indianapolis in Frankfort, Indiana
World Ranking on Dropzone.com: #1 Not Ranked Not Ranked Not Ranked Not Ranked
Official USPA Group Member? Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Designated USPA Training Center? Yes No No Yes No
Types of Planes: Two Caravans (a turbine engine plane that seats up to 19 passengers) and one 206 (a turbo engine plane that seats up to five passengers) Two Westwinds (a twin-turbine taildragger that seats up to 12 passengers) and one 182 (a piston engine plane that seats up to four passengers) One 206 and one 182 One Caravan One Otter (a turbine engine plane that seats up to 22 passengers)
Highest Exit Altitude Listed on Website as "Full Altitude": 14,000 feet (highest legal altitude without oxygen for pilot) 9,000 or 11,500 feet, depending on plane 10,500 feet 10,000 to 12,000 feet 13,000 feet
Average Freefall Time from "Full Altitude": about 45 seconds about 25 to 35 seconds depending on altitude about 30 seconds about 25 to 35 seconds depending on altitude about 40 seconds
Lowest Weekend Tandem Price: $129 $165 $189 $189 $219
Video and Photo Package Price: $99+tax $125 $119 $109 $159
Price for AFF First Jump Course and First AFF Jump: $299 (discounts available) Not offered $299 $319 $389
Price of Jump from "Full Altitude" for a Licensed Skydiver with Own Gear: $23 (cheaper rates available with packages) $24 $25 $26 $20